Pool Information

Swimming Pool Hours

Labor Day: 9:00am to 7:00pm
Monday through Thursday – CLOSED
Saturday noon to 8:00pm
Sunday noon to 7:00pm

* Read the Updated Pool Policies *

Recreation Card Information


The Association has discontinue the annual Pool Pass process and replaced it with a new key card access system.  After a grace period in May, the pool gate will be closed and locked even during pool hours.  You will use your new Recreation Key Card to swipe the lock to open the pool gate.

  • Each Unit is entitled to one (1) free key card that was mailed to the homeowner’s mailing address.
  • The key card is to be used only by the Owner/Resident. Please note that allowing anyone outside of your immediate family access to the pool via your key card is a violation of the rules and regulations, and may result in revocation of your recreational privileges.
  • The key card is now your system of access to the pool facilities. The previous “pool pass” system will no longer be used. Key cards are NOT issued annually, but are permanently associated with your property.
  • Lifeguards will still be on-duty during pool hours but will no longer need to check your “pool pass” since verification is done when you swipe your card to open the pool gate. Please read and familiarize yourself with all Pool Rules and Regulations posted at the pool gate.
  • Card replacement purchases and subsequent activation may be done through the Willow Creek 1 web site so it will be necessary for all homeowners to update their login access at willowcreek1.org
  • The access system is also your clubhouse access card when you rent the clubhouse and will soon expand to the tennis courts and an online reservation system for Willow Creek 1 tennis courts.
  • Each Unit is permitted a maximum of two activated key cards.  To purchase an additional key card ($25), please use the online PayPal form.
  • A Lost Key Card charge of $25.00 will be assessed and the old key code deactivated from the system.