Community Volunteers Needed

Your Willow Creek 1 HOA is operated entirely by unpaid volunteer homeowners.  We’d love more help if you can make a little time to help your community.  There are always volunteer opportunities with varying commitment levels – from the an hour to a couple times each month!  Here’s a list of where we could use some help now:

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Grounds Committee Volunteers Needed

Event Chair: Dennis Plomondon


The Willow Creek 1 Grounds Committee is seeking new volunteers.  Our Committee's responsibility is to monitor the beauty and condition of our shared landscaping areas and report any issues to the property manager including:

  • Condition of turf grass, flowers and plants
  • Irrigation issues - leaks or insufficient/improper watering
  • Tree and bush trimming needs and safety issues
  • Any other areas where the condition of the common grounds is not what it should be.

The Committee meets once a month on the first Monday at 6:30pm in the Willow Creek 1 clubhouse (lower level).  We also do a couple volunteer landscape beautification projects every year.  

Task/ItemStart Time End TimeAvailable Spots
I'm interested to join the committee N/A N/A#1: Filled